Update 29, 16 August 2007
Atom Complex 'Prilad'
"Chornobyl" Page
Department of radiation hygiene (Institute of Hygiene and Medical Ecology)
Energorisk, Ltd
Institute for Nuclear Research (temporary unavailable)
Institute of Semiconductor Physics
Maps of Chernobyl Accident
NIRS-WISE Ukraine Home Page
Non-official Chernobyl Site
NSC Kharkov Institute of Physics & Technology
Radiation & chemical biology department (Institute of the Biology of South Seas)
Sparing-Vist-Center - producer of devices for radiation control (Ukrainian/Russian/English/Spanish)
State Nuclear Regulatory Committee
Ukrainian Nuclear Society
University of Kiev (Ukrainian/English)
State Nuclear Regulatory Committee, 9/11 Arsenalna, Kyiv 01011, ph: (+380 44) 254 3451, fax: (+380 44) 254 3311
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