Radiation management

Practical and cost effective advice is provided on the management of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM) associated with the following industries:

  • Uranium and thorium ores exploration, mining and processing,
  • Rare earths, titanium and zirconium minerals mining and processing,
  • Transport of bulk commodities including international shipments,
  • Oil and gas exploration and production,
  • Mining and processing of metals (copper, tin, aluminium, lithium, niobium, tantalum),
  • Coal mining and electricity generation,
  • Iron and steel production,
  • Water treatment and geothermal energy generation,
  • Phosphate industry,
  • Scrap metal recycling.


Practical help and solutions

Calytrix Consulting provides practical help and solutions to problems relating to:

  • Transport and trade in commodities containing NORM,
  • Development of policies, regulations, guidelines, radiation management plans and procedures,
  • Statutory compliance - auditing and advice,
  • Environmental impact assessments and risk assessments in different areas of occupational hygiene,
  • Design and audit of radiation management systems and monitoring programs,
  • Contaminated land investigations,
  • Waste management and advice on remediation projects,
  • Determination of pathways of radiation exposure in specific situations - both for the environment and for workers and the public,
  • Modelling of potential radiation exposures,
  • Compliance testing of industrial radiation gauges,
  • Noise measurements and management.



Calytrix Consulting provides services in the field of environment, workplace and personal monitoring and assessment of:

  • Airborne dust, in accordance with Australian Standard AS 3640:2004, using AirCheck 2000 dust samplers with Defender electronic calibrator,
  • Alpha-activity concentrations in airborne dust, using Canberra alpha spectrometers (model 7401),
  • Particle size analysis of airborne dust (Activity Median Aerodynamic Diameter - AMAD), using a personal 5- or 7-stage cascade impactor,
  • Concentrations of radon (Rn-222) and thoron (Rn-220) in the atmosphere, using SARAD-1688 electronic monitor,
  • Gamma radiation levels, using Radiation Alert Inspector , RadEye B20 area monitors and Colibri TTC GPS monitor together with Garmin Global Positioning System receiver (model GPS60) and Canary II (model 4080) personal electronic dosimeters,
  • Surface contamination measurements, using RayEye B20 and SAB-100 probe with the Colibri TTC GPS monitor
  • Field gamma spectrometry and identification of individual radionuclides, particularly in cases of monitoring cargo in ports and at border crossings, using Exploranium GR-135-Plus 'Identifier' and RadEye SPRD instruments.


All equipment used by Calytrix Consulting is maintained in accordance with manufacturer specifications and calibrated as required by relevant regulations and guidelines. Close liaison with quality assured analytical laboratories also allows a comprehensive service to be provided in the following areas:

  • Determination of concentrations of radionuclides in water, soil, dust, building materials, food, flora and fauna,
  • Personal gamma radiation and radon/thoron area monitoring,
  • Analysis of workplace and environmental samples for different contaminants such as asbestos, welding fumes and different chemicals.


Other services

An expert witness service is also provided, specialising in radiation protection - particularly in relation to the Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material.

Off-the-shelf training courses are not yet provided by Calytrix Consulting - the "Advanced Radiation Safety Officer in mining and mineral processing" is currently being developed.
If a need for the training is identified, it is currently carried out by personal tutoring of individual employee(s) in a workplace. If there is a need for a training course or a community education program - a customised program is individually designed in each case addressing the particular needs of the client.