Scientific papers


Radiation exposure in the transport of NORM in heavy mineral sands industry

The report accompanying the paper presented at the NORM-7, Beijing, China, 2013 (11 Mb, 80 pages) - Full paper (3.2 Mb, 8 pages)


TENORM Legislation - Theory and Practice [full text]

presented at the Technical Enhancement of Natural Radioactivity, Second Congress, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1999 (300 Kb, 52 pages)


TENORM Legislation - Theory and Practice [paper]

(N. Tsurikov, J. Koperski), published in the International Atomic Energy Agency TECDOC-1271 (February 2002), pp.3-9 (180 Kb, 7 pages)


Impact of ARPANS-like legislation on minerals industry in Australia - the TENORM issue

(J. Koperski, N. Tsurikov), presented at the Australasian Radiation Protection Society Annual Conference, Margaret River, Australia, 1999 (70 Kb, 6 pages)


Co-operation - the Way Out (introducing the Natural Materials Radiation Control Initiative)

(H.M. Fernandes, ID. Kruger, M.Omar, N. Tsurikov, R. van der Westhuizen), presented at the Southern African International Congress, Cape Town, Republic of South Africa, 2000 (60 Kb, 4 pages)


NORM and National Directory

presented at the Australasian Radiation Protection Society Annual Conference, Adelaide, Australia, 2004 [also published in 'Radiation Protection in Australasia', vol.22, No.2, July 2005, pp.64-67] (50 Kb, 4 pages)


Application of the Regulations for the Safe Transport of Radioactive Material to Bulk Shipments of Materials in Minerals Industry

(N. Tsurikov, P.J. Hinrichsen, M. Omar, H.M. Fernandes), 'Radiation Protection in Australasia', vol.24, No.2, September 2007, pp.9-19 (170 Kb, 12 pages)


Regulation of Natural Radioactivity in International Transport and Trade

(N. Tsurikov, P.J. Hinrichsen, M. Omar, H.M. Fernandes), presented at the Second Asian and Oceanic Congress on Radiological Protection, Beijing, People's Republic of China, 2006 (160 Kb, 19 pages)

The trade in radioactive materials - potential problems and possible solutions

presented at the NORM-V Conference, Seville, Spain, 2007 [also published in "NORM-V Proceedings", IAEA, 2008, pp.437-453] (110 Kb, 10 pages)

Waste Containing Enhanced Concentrations of Naturally Occurring Radionuclides

(B. Michalik, N. Tsurikov), presented at the First International Conference on Hazardous Waste Management, Chania, Greece, 2008 (40 Kb, 7 pages)

Radiation exposure in the transport of heavy mineral sands

report for the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA), 2008 [officially published here], (500 Kb, 37 pages) NOTE: updated version expected in May-June 2010


Uranium Exploration - Safety, Environmental, Social and Regulatory Considerations

independent report, second version, 2009 (470 Kb, 78 pages) NOTE: updated version was expected in July/August 2011



Fourteen guidelines on management of NORM in mining and minerals processing - were developed for the Western Australian Government and the Chamber of Minerals and Energy, second version, 2010 [officially published here], together with Ivan Fetwadjieff from the Department of Mines and Petroleum (23.6 Mb, 580 pages)

The inter-relationship between guidelines is presented below [the cover page - 6.5 Mb, 8 pages]




Environmental radiation monitoring in mining and mineral processing

A lecture at the WA Department of Mines and Petroleum, 17 June 2011 (7.8 Mb, 162 slides) 1,770 Kb, 115 pages 580 K, 27 pages 740 Kb, 79 pages 1,750 Kb, 36 pages 420 Kb, 27 pages 1,490 Kb, 43 pages 1,290 Kb, 38 pages 2,600 Kb, 30 pages 300 Kb, 19 pages 340 Kb, 20 pages 1,950 Kb, 23 pages 2,750 Kb, 48 pages 360 Kb, 35 pages 630 Kb, 40 pages