Update 32, 4 April 2007
Anti-Nuclear Campaign (Russian/English)
AtomSafe Home Page (in Russian)
Nuclear & Radiation Safety Bulletin (in Russian)
Center for Arms Control, Energy & Environment (English/Russian)
Chelyabinsk - The most contaminated spot on the planet (Russian/English)
"Doza" Scientific Enterprise (in Russian)
Emergencies Technical Centre of MinAtom (in Russian)
Ex-USSR Nuclear technologies and the World by Peter L. Angelo
Federal Legislation of Russia (in Russian)
History of Radiation, Chemical & Biological Protection Troops (in Russian)
Institute for Nuclear Research, Russian Academy of Sciences 
Institute for Theoretical and Experimantal Physics
International Science and Technology Centre (English/Russian)
Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna
Flerov Laboratory (Russian/English,temporary unavailable)
Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics (Russian/English)
Khlopin Radium Institute
Kola Nuclear Power Plant (Russian/English,temporary unavailable)
Laboratory of Radiation Control (in Russian)
Moscow Power Engineering Institute
Nuclear Energy & its Safety (in Russian)
Nuclear Powered Submarine Inactivation and Disposal
Nuclear Reactors Institute (Russian/English, temporary unavailable)
Nuclear Safety Authority (Russian/English)
Nuclear Safety Institute (Russian/English)
Nuclear.ru (in Russian)
ORIP XXI Program Complex (sorfware)
Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute
Polimaster - radiation monitors (in Russian)
Prof Atom Association of nuclear workers
Radioactive waste: news (in Russian)
Republican Research Scientific Consulting Centre for Expertise (English/Russian)
Russian Atomic Energy Ministry (MINATOM) (Russian/English)
Russian Federal Nuclear Center - Snezhinsk (Chelyabinsk-70)
Russian International Nuclear Safety Center
Russian Nuclear Non-Proliferation Site (in English)
Say "NO" to Nuclear Power Plant (in Russian)
Scientific-Research Institute of Experimental Physics - Sarov
Nuclear Weapons Museum (Russian)
SIA "Radon" (Russian/English)
Skobeltsyn Institute of Nuclear Physics
State Educational Centre (Russian/English)
TVEL - Russial Nuclear Fuel
VNIPIET (limited access site)
Nuclear Society of St.Petersburg (limited access site,temporary unavailable)
X-Atom webserver - MINATOM industry net (Russian/English)
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