Update 23, 25 September 2006
Asian Regional Cooperative Council for Nuclear Medicine
Atomic (in Korean)
Atomic Creative Technology
Clearance Page
Hanil Nuclear
Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety (Korean/English)
Korea Institute of Science & Technology Information (KISTI) (in Korean)
Korea Nuclear Energy Foundation
Korea Nuclear Society (temporary unavailable)
Korea Radiation Technology Institute
Korea Radioisotope Association
Korean Association for Radiation Protection (in Korean)
Korean Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI) (Korean/English)
Korean National Fusion Program
Korean Radiological Society
Kori Nuclear Power Plant (in Korean)
National Institute of Health (Korean/English)
RadIndez - links for radiologists
Seoul National University
Dept. of Nuclear Engineering
Virtual Center for Korea Environmental Technology Exchange
Women in Nuclear - Korea
Radiation Safety Division, Atomic Energy Office, Ministry of Science and Technology, 2nd Government Bldg., Republic of Korea 427 760, ph: (+82 2) 503 7654, fax: (+82 2) 503 7673
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