Update 22, 4 April 2007
Atomic Energy Committee
Chernobyl Union of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Education & Science (temporary unavailable)
First Independent University
Institute of Nuclear Physics
Institute of Physics & Technology
Karaganda State University 
Kazakhstan Scientific Collaborative Network
National Nuclear Centre
Naryn Antinuclear Movement
Nuclear Technology Safety Center
University KAINAR
Joint-Stock Company KATEP (Atomic Energy Plants Corporation), 480012 Almaty, ul. Bogenbai Batira, 168, ph.+7-3272-625-587
Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment Monitoring, 475000 Kokshetau, ul. Karla Marksa, 81, ph.+7-3162-542-42
Ministry of Science and Higher Education, 480021 Almaty, ul. Shevchenko, 28, ph.+7-3272-695-066
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