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Update 29, 25 September 2006
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Associations (professional and other)
Research Institutions

Associations (professional and other)
Atomic Energy Society of Japan
Council for Nuclear Fuel Cycle
Forum for Nuclear Cooperation in Asia
Hiroshima International Council for Health Care of the Radiation-Exposed
International Conference on High Levels of Natural Radiation and Radon Areas
Japan Advanced Information Center of Safety and Health
Japan Atomic Industrial Forum (Japanese/English)
Japan Health Physics Society (Japanese/English)
Japan Industrial Safety and Health Association
Japan International Center for Occupational Safety and Health
Japan Society of Nuclear and Radiological Sciences
Japan Society of Plasma Science and Nuclear Fusion Research
Japanese Foundation for Cancer Research
'No More Nagasaki' Home Page
Nuclear Safety Network (temporary unavailable)
Radiation Application Development Association
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Agency of Natural Resources and Energy
Atomic Energy Commission
Council of Local Goverments with Atomic Power Stations
Japan Atomic Energy Agency
Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
Japan Nuclear Energy Safety Organisation
Japan Science and Technology Corporation
J-EAST Database
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
National Institute of Advanced Science and Technology
National Institute of Public Health (Japanese/English)
Department of Radiological Health
National Institute of Radiological Sciences
Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency
Nuclear Materials Control Center
Nuclear Safety Commission of Japan (temporary unavailable)
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AtomNavi (temporary unavailable)
Chiyoda Technological Corporation
Chubu Electric Power Company (Japanese/English)
Chugoku Electric Power Company
Global Nuclear Fuel
Hokuriku Electric Power Company
Japan Atomic Power Company (Japanese/English)
Japan Nuclear Fuel Ltd. (Japanese/English)
Japan NUS Co
Nippon Nuclear Fuel Development Company
Nuclear Energy System Inc
Nuclear Fuel Transport Company
Nuclear Power Engineering Corporation
Nuclear Waste Management Organisation
Okumura Corporation
Shikoku Electric Power Company
Tohoku Electric Power Company
Tokyo Electric Power Company
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A-Bomb WWW Museum
Atomic Energy Basic Law (temporary unavailable)
Interactive Energy Information
Japan Atomic Energy Relations Organisation
Nuclear Power Crossroads
Nuclear Power Training Centre
Nuclear Safety Technology Centre
Nuclear Technology and Educational Centre (temporary unavailable)
Public Information on Nuclear Energy (temporary unavailable)
Terrestrial Radiation Doses in The World
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Research Institutions
Atomic Bomb Disease Institute, Nagasaki Unifersity School of Medicine
Central Institute of Isotope Science, Hokkaido University
Deptartment of Nuclear Engineering, Kyoto University
Deptartment of Nuclear Engineering, Kyushu University
Deptartment of Nuclear Engineering, Nagoya University
Depleted Uranium Center
Environmental Radioactivity and Radiation in Japan Japan Chemical Analysis Center
Fukui Prefectural Environmental Radiation Research and Monitoring Center
High Energy Accelerator Research Organisation (Japanese/English)
Hokkaido Nuclear Energy Environmental Reseach Center
Institute of Physical and Chemical Research
ITER Home Page
Kyoto University Research Reactor Institute
LHD - Large Helical Device
National Institute for Fusion Science
National Institute for Resources & Environment
Nuclear Fusion Research Establishment
Nuclear Safety Research Group
Nuclear Science Research Facility, Kyoto University
Radiation Earth Science Laboratory (RESL) (Susumu MINATO site)
Radiation Effects Research Foundation (REFR)
Research Institute of Innovative Technology for the Earth
Research Laboratory for Nuclear Reactors, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Research Organisation for Information, Science and Technology
SPring-8 Synchrotron Radiation Facility
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