Update 24, 25 January 2007
Beijing Institute of Nuclear Engineering (Chinese/English, temporary unavailable)
Beijing Free Electron Laser Laboratory (Chinese/English, temporary unavailable)
Beijing Research Institute of Chemical Engineering and Metallurgy
China Atomic Energy Authority
China Atomic Information Network (Chinese/English)
China Council for International Cooperation & Development
China Education and Research Network (Chinese/English)
China Institute of Atomic Energy
China Institute for Radiation Protection
China National Nuclear Corporation (in Chinese)
Chinese Academy of Sciences (in Chinese, temporary unavailable)
Chinese Nuclear Society (in Chinese)
Chongqing University (Chinese/English)
East China University of Science and Technology (Chinese/English)
Environmental Protection Administration (Chinese/English)
Environmental Protection Department, Hong Kong (Chinese/English)
Fudan University (Chinese/English)
Guangdong Nuclear Power Joint Venture Company (Chinese/English)
Hong Kong Nuclear Investment Co.
Hong Kong Observatory (Chinese/English)
Environmental Radiation Monitoring Program (Chinese/English)
Institute of Nuclear And New Energy Technology Tsinghua University
Ji Lin University (Chinese/English)
Lanzhou University (Chinese/English)
Nanjing University (Chinese/English)
Northeastern University (Chinese/English)
Nuclear Radiation Unit (Hong Kong)
Occupational Safety and Health Council (Hong Kong)
Peking University (Chinese/English)
Virtual Center of Nuclear Science & Technology (Chinese/English, temporary unavailable)
Radiation Health Unit, Hong Kong (Chinese/English)
Understanding Radiation (in English)
Radiochemistry (Hong Kong Govt. Lab. Hazardous Substances & Emergency Response Section)
Safety & Environmental Protection Office (Hong Kong University of Science & Techology)
Shanghai Environment Online (in Chinese)
Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research & Design Institute (Chinese/English)
Tongji University (Chinese/English)
Tsinghua University (Chinese/English)
University of Science & Technology of China (Chinese/English)
Wuhan University of Technology (Chinese/English)
Zhejiang University (Chinese/English)
Bureau of Safety, Protection and Health - China Atomic Energy Authority, P.O. Box 2102-14, Beijing 100822, ph:(+86) (10) 8512211
Atomic Energy Council (Chinese/English)
Central Geological Survey
Environmental Protection Administration
Institute of Nuclear Energy Research (in Chinese)
National Science Council (in Chinese)
Radiation Monitoring Centre
Radiation Protection Association (in Chinese)
Understanding Radiation (in Chinese)
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