Update 30, 17 February 2016
AECL - Atomic Energy of Canada Limited
Association des médecins spécialites en médecine nucléaire du Québec
Cameco Corporation
Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists
Canadian Association of Radiologists
Canadian Association of Recycling Industries
Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility
Canadian Institute for Radiation Safety (CAIRS)
Canadian Nuclear Association
Canadian Nuclear F.A.Q.
Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission
Canadian Nuclear Society
Canadian Nuclear Workers Council
Canadian Organisation of Medical Physicists
Canadian Radiation Protection Association (CRPA)
Canadian Society of Nuclear Medicine
Dirty Bomb Detector (temporary unavailable)
Canadian National Calibration Reference Centre for In Vivo Monitoring  
Radiation Protection Bureau
Environmental Instruments Canada
Environmental Nuclear Science Department University of Toronto
Gamma Master - Radiation Protection watch (very cute, but expensive...)
I-Ax Electron Beam Specialists
Ionizing Radiation Standards Group Institute for National Measurement Standards
Lou Champagne Systems Custom instrument manufacturer and supplier of radiation detection equipment
Natural Resources Canada (French/English)
Nuclear Engineering Site by Bill Garland
Nuclear Fuel Waste Bureau
Ontario Power Generation
Radiation Protection Services - British Columbia
Radiation Protection Services - University of Toronto
Radiochemical Laboratory Nuclear Engineering Institute, École Polytechnique de Montréal
RadSafe Canada Ltd
Safe Environments Programme (former Environmental Health Programme)
SENES Consultants Limited
Stuart Hunt & Associates Ltd
Uranium Medical Research Centre