Photos taken at Ngong Ping, Tung Chung and between them in Hong Kong in October 2006. Cable car ride from Tung Chung (at the end of the MTR line) to the Giant Buddha on the Ngong Ping plateau is another experience that is not to be missed in Hong Kong. The ride takes about 20-25 minutes one way and the walk to the statue - another firfteen. So, if you have several hours in Hong Kong between flights, do not particualrly interested in shopping and have seen the city before - the ride to Ngong Ping is very much recommended. The following route would be the best: (a) one stop on the Airport Express train to Tsing Yi, (b) two stops back towards the airport on the 'orange' MTR line to the end of the line at Tung Chung, (c) then it's only a short walk to the cable car station. The cable car operates from 10 am (sometimes from 9 am) until 6 pm (until 6:30 pm on weekends) - I would strongly suggest to get there no later than 9:50am (there was almost no one at Tung Chung when I got into the car, but in two hours when I got back the line was unbelievably long... Other additional information can be obtained from the Ngong Ping 360 web site. Please click on the image to enlarge it.