These images are just simple photos of Rio de Janeiro streets, which are hard to find on the "tourist" web sites (at least I was not able to find any myself). Please click on the image to enlarge it.
Auto-estrada Lagoa-Barra
Regulating traffic near the entrance to the tunnel Dois Irmãos
Rua Garcia d'Avila, Ipanema
Avenida de Copacobana
Rua Barata Ribeiro, entrance to the tunnel under the Morro do Cantagalo
A view from auto-estrada Lagoa-Barra
Pedra do Quilombo, view from Avenida Salvador Allende, near the IRD
A view from auto-estrada Lagoa-Barra
Near Praça General Osório
Leblon - view from Avenida Niemeyer
Girls from Ipanema
Pavão and Pavãozinho, view from hotel balcony